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Retail Technology Vision 2014: Future Trends and the Digital Customer Experience
Meet Annalisa, the multi-device/channel customer
In order to fully satisfy multichannel customers like Annalisa, retailers must transform the technical spine of the enterprise to make use of legacy systems while also building a solid foundation for future digital expansion. Read Accenture's Seamless Technology Point of View for more details.
Technology makes Elizabeth's job easier and customers happier
Wearable technology and access to customer's wish lists are only examples of what is possible when retailers have an agile infrastructure that supports increased remote connectivity, cloud-based services and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) demands. Learn more.
Heye's gets smart about leveraging social channels
Retailers like Heye's don't rely on retail data platforms that have been built around functions - they take advantage of innovative technologies that are built around flexibility. Read how today's enterprise platforms connect data from across the business to enable retailers to act seamlessly and efficiently for the customer.
Phoenix marries online and in-store experiences
Traditional retailers like Phoenix understand the importance of aligning their IT and business transformation agendas. By breaking down silos, they're creating a more innovative experience for the customer. Read more here.
Val's helps merchants use data to buy the right products
Retailers must transform themselves into full digital businesses and their technology must be ready to enable this transformation. Investing strategically and scaling at speed are some of the steps Accenture recommends in its Seamless Technology Point of View.
Actions to stay ahead of the curve
This transformation doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey not to be taken lightly. But following the paths to innovation starts with building the right foundation. Learn more in our Technology Point of View.
Retail Technology Vital to Digital Shopping Experience – Stories - Accenture 
Retail Technology Vision 2014
Retail Technology Vision 2014
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