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Accenture Federal Services
Discover how Accenture Federal Services understands the challenges and opportunities in today’s federal environment.

Federal Health
Discover how the US federal government is building momentum toward connected health in an era of reform.

Defense Contracting
Explore several of Accenture Federal Services’ defense contracting vehicles—and a program result.

Federal Health IT
Enabling the collection and exchange of administrative and clinical data, federal health IT is key to healthcare transformation.

Defense Logistics
Defense organizations rely on defense logistics that balance improving warfighter readiness and reducing costs.

Federal IT
From managing the data explosion to new software development methods, federal IT must evolve to realize the right outcomes.

Digital Government
It is clear that digital government is changing everything—are US federal agencies ready to make the most of it?

Federal Management
Explore fresh approaches to federal management for cost reduction in a resource-strapped environment.

Federal Analytics
From eliminating improper payments to driving compliance and performance improvements, federal analytics are changing the game.

Federal Procurement
By challenging the status quo in federal procurement, agencies are realizing cost-saving opportunities.

Federal Consulting
Explore the latest in federal consulting for strategic approaches for cost-effective, next-level government.

Federal Supply Chain
Whether it is supporting the defense or diplomatic communities, federal supply chains provide a lifeline for the work of the federal government.

Federal Contracting
Explore the latest in federal consulting for strategic approaches for cost-effective, next-level government.

Military IT
Proactive military IT approaches are fundamental to supporting a 21st century fighting force and meeting intelligence needs.

Federal Financial Management
Discover why it is an unprecedented time for federal financial management, and how forward-thinking approaches can deliver results.

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Explore US Federal Government Topics - Accenture 
Discover Accenture’s point of view on key US Federal Government Topics.
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