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Accenture Business Services
Accenture Business Services combine capabilities across management consulting, technology, and business process outsourcing to provide end-to-end services.

Aerospace and Defense Contractors
Aerospace and defense agencies services help create value for companies using our assets in global supply chain management, program profitability, talent management, global mergers and acquisitions/post merger integration, engineering services, business process outsourcing and sustainability. They include services in commercial manufacturing, defense contracts, engineering services and business process outsourcing, global supply chain management, capabilities based lifecycle management, global mergers and acquisitions, program profitability, sustainability and talent management.

Accenture provides the world’s leading agribusinesses with a comprehensive range of strategic consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions, anchored in a global network of agribusiness experts, which includes a dedicated Agribusiness Center of Excellence in Brazil. From grower relationship management, asset management and supply chain management, to portfolio management and sustainable operations, we help agribusiness companies seize new market opportunities, increase efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage.

Airline services help carriers create a customer-centric organization that extends beyond in-flight services. It covers everything from online portals to airport biometrics. We enable analytical skills that unearth customer insights and drive customer experience management. We also help clients improve their overall cost base and drive flexibility throughout sourcing, procurement and IT. They include services in passenger and cargo operations, travel back-office services, near-field communication and travel distribution.

Automotive services combine industry and business process knowledge to develop a range of innovative, end-to-end offerings for leading automotive original equipment manufacturers and tier-one suppliers. These services help clients identify and enter new markets; increase revenues in existing markets; improve operational performance; and deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently. They include services in after-sales services, warranty and parts logistics, integrated procurement, strategic parts pricing and global manufacturing.

Banking services help banks and financial services institutions achieve differentiation and operational excellence by tapping a reservoir of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. They include services in core banking transformation, cost reduction and banking efficiency services, credit services, digital deposits, finance transformation, front-office transformation, mergers and acquisitions, payments services and risk and regulatory management.

Border and Identity Management
The Accenture integrated border management approach incorporates innovative technologies that help border management, immigration and customs organizations to identify and intercept high-risk individuals and cargo while simultaneously enabling legitimate travelers and cargo to move quickly and conveniently across borders. They include services in application management, application development and maintenance, SAP/Oracle/Microsoft application outsourcing and design build and run.

Building Materials
Accenture collaborates with building materials companies to develop and implement innovative strategies for rapid, sustainable results across the value chain. They include services in enterprise solutions, plant and automation solutions and manufacturing execution systems.

Capital Markets
Accenture helps investment banks, exchanges, clearing organizations, asset and wealth management firms, depositories and broker/dealers transform their businesses to achieve differentiation and operational excellence. They include services in core trading and settlement services, exchange and clearing services and wealth and asset management services.

Accenture collaborates with leading chemical companies and suppliers to develop and execute global strategies, manage complexity and risk and drive innovation. They include services in enterprise solutions, plant and automation solutions, manufacturing execution systems, solutions for registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals legislation and commodity trading and risk management services.

Accenture provides communications industry consulting services that enable wireless and wireline service providers, cable and satellite operators as well as emerging players to respond to key industry challenges, providing significant opportunities to improve customer loyalty, growth and profitability, and, in turn, market share and marketplace differentiation. With leading services offerings to address each of the major industry challenges, Accenture helps communications service providers to strengthen customer relationships; enable next-generation digital monetization models; maximize innovation and research; accelerate product and service development; and build out network infrastructure.

Consumer Goods and Services
Accenture helps consumer goods companies transform their businesses in dynamic market conditions. Our industry solutions develop an in-depth understanding of consumers and their varying needs, enable sustained capabilities through ERP, custom and emerging technologies and optimize supply chain and cost structures. They include services in strategy and governance, shared services, sales and marketing transformation, customer-centric supply chain solution, global operations solution, talent planning and management solution and ERP transformation solution.

Accenture has developed strategies and innovative solutions to fit the needs of customs agencies in developed and developing countries looking to improve service. Accenture offers services in: biometrics, customs administration outsourcing, customs modernization, global border management transformation, integrated intelligence environment, resource optimization model and streamlined international trade requirements.

Accenture’s defense services capabilities include design, development and support of multi-level secure command and control systems, modeling and simulation and satellite communications. Through strategy, operations and IT services, we work with senior leaders to develop enterprise performance-improvement strategies, modernize information systems, manage change and reduce costs while optimizing key headquarters processes and governance.

Electronics and High Tech
Accenture offers management consulting, technology-strategy and implementation services to these segments: consumer technology, semiconductor, communications technology, enterprise technology, network and software business and aerospace/defense.

Eligibility Systems
Human services agencies must streamline eligibility determination in an environment of increased demand, reduced resources and new impacts from health care reform. Accenture is helping agencies break down barriers, integrate systems and center their business on families to become more efficient, effective and drive new value to realize desired outcomes.

Accenture provides focused business resources and assets for each segment of the oil and gas industry—upstream, downstream and oil service companies. They include services in exploration and production, midstream/gas, refining and marketing.

Financial Services
Accenture helps banks, insurers and capital markets companies perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. They include services in banking, capital markets and insurance.

Forest Products
Accenture helps forest products companies (i.e., lumber, pulp, papermaking) develop and implement innovative strategies for rapid, sustainable results across the value chain. They include services in advanced enterprise solutions, commodity trading and risk management services, plant and automation solutions, manufacturing execution systems and outsourcing.

Freight and Logistics
Accenture’s freight and logistics services cover all critical aspects of operations for freight forwarding, third-party logistics and express, rail and cargo companies. They include services in outsourcing, freight handling, freight reservation management, dynamic route management, billing and cost management and cargo O&D revenue optimization.

Accenture’s health practice delivers services that help health plans, health care providers and public health organizations use knowledge in new ways, enabling insight-driven health for more effective, efficient and affordable health care. Our specialists combine real-world experience, business and clinical insights, and innovative technologies to help our clients solve their most pressing challenges in today's changing health care environment.

Human Services
Human services agencies worldwide work with Accenture to achieve high performance. Accenture has broad human services capabilities—from business process services and change management to systems implementations and policy analysis and strategy to the design and maintenance of systems.

Industrial Equipment
Accenture helps industrial equipment companies drive shareholder value and overcome marketplace volatility through the strategic use of customer relationship management along with short-term and long-term financial planning. They include services in machinery, automation, power generation and construction.

Infrastructure and Transportation
Accenture helps the construction, mass transportation and infrastructure segments drive successful diversification and global growth through designing and building an intelligent infrastructure—and working toward sustaining it.

Accenture provides insurance industry solutions that address products, strategies, people, processes and operating infrastructures. They include services in claims, finance and administration services, human resources and learning, marketing, sales and distribution, mergers and acquisitions, policy, risk and regulatory services, sourcing and procurement and underwriting.

Life Sciences
Accenture works with pharmaceutical and medical products clients to ensure that patient need is at the center of everything they do. We are transforming global health care by connecting information, insights and technology to improve the quality of the patient experience. They include services in corporate strategy, commercial analytics, operational excellence, outsourcing and research and development.

Media and Entertainment
Accenture helps media and entertainment companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities. They include services in broadcast and entertainment, internet and social, printing and publishing.

Accenture collaborates with metals companies to develop innovative strategies, redesign business processes, get the most out of information technologies and tap into the potential of their people. They include services in advanced enterprise solutions, commodity trading and risk management, plant and automation solutions, manufacturing execution and outsourcing.

Accenture helps mining companies develop and implement innovative strategies for rapid, sustainable results across the value chain. They include services in automation and industrial solutions and plant and asset solutions.

Accenture helps nonprofit clients transform by shaping a sustainable transformation; developing the capacity and capabilities to turn vision into practice; and helping our clients operate and measure their performance more effectively. They include services in business process reengineering, customer relationship and donor management, mergers and acquisitions support, outsourcing, portals and content management, shared services, strategic planning and technology consulting.

Accenture is helping pension organizations plan and develop new pension systems and modernize existing ones to realize new flexibility and generate new efficiencies while complying with reform mandates and meeting service expectations. We have successfully implemented pension systems in more than two dozen of the world’s leading countries.

Accenture helps postal operators increase revenue sources and provide better service, lower costs and supply higher-quality products and services to customers. Accenture offers services in: postal industry process model, retail counter solution for postal agencies and supply chain management solution for postal agencies.

Public Safety
Accenture works with governments worldwide to develop operational strategies and technology infrastructures that allow communication and collaboration between law enforcement, criminal justice and safety agencies. They include services in police case management, biometric identity management, knowledge discovery capability and integrated justice solutions.

Public Service and Government
Public service organizations in both developed and developing countries look to Accenture to deliver flexible solutions to their most pressing challenges, helping them achieve high performance. Accenture offers services in end-to-end revenue systems and postal agencies services.

Accenture helps retail companies such as mass merchants, grocery stores and professional service firms identify their most important customers and prospects—and integrate customer insights and powerful analytics into strategic retail decision making. They include services in demand generation, demand fulfillment, customer service and channel operations and effective enterprise.

Revenue agencies rely on Accenture’s complete services to help them develop reliable tax systems with the flexibility necessary to address pressing issues and changing demands. Accenture offers services in: end-to-end revenue systems, enterprise resource planning for revenue, licensing and permitting, revenue analytics and business intelligence, revenue application support, revenue maturity assessments and workshops.

Social Security
Social security agencies worldwide are focusing on streamlining eligibility determination, case management and benefits delivery for government assistance programs serving elderly, low income and special needs populations. Accenture is helping modernize and integrate systems so agencies can improve social security program delivery while reducing costs.

Accenture helps travel services companies (hotels, tour operators, destinations, cruises and car rental agencies) improve customer satisfaction, operations efficiency and adaptable business processes with our expertise in strategy consulting, systems integration, market analysis and business models. They include services in customer centric aviation, travel back-office services and travel distribution.

US Federal Government
Accenture helps US federal agencies enhance program and citizen service effectiveness, create cost efficiencies, and meet mission responsibilities. We serve agriculture, defense, health, postal, public safety and treasury agencies.

Accenture works with electric, gas and water utilities worldwide to improve their performance in the dynamic utility market. They include services in smart grid technology, generation and energy markets, transmission and distribution.

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