Accenture's Video Showcase

Watch our videos and learn how we are putting our insights into action.

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Fast-Changing Interactive Marketing Trends
Discover fascinating facts behind the rapidly progressing interactive marketing space. Let me know if you have questions.


Achieving High Performance with Accenture Analytics
Enterprises across industries and public services are competing more and more on how they use analytics to achieve high performance.


Cyber Threats: Why You Need to Mount a Defense
Hear Accenture Global Cyber Security Lead, Bill Phelps, talk about the current challenges of cyber threats and the benefits of mounting a proactive offensive that minimizes the risks to your organization.



Microsoft: Driving High Performance through Bundled Outsourcing


Making Money in Emerging Markets



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Accenture's Video Showcase 
Watch Accenture's Video Showcase and learn how we are putting our insights into action to help our clients attain high performance.
Accenture's Video Showcase
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