The Everyday Bank

How Digital is Revolutionizing Banking
and the Customer Ecosystem

As the digital revolution drives changes in consumer behaviors and expectations, banks must become the indispensable, Everyday Bank-positioned to fulfill their customers' financial and non-financial needs.


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What is the Everyday Bank?

A new digital IT blueprint for the Everyday Bank

IT plays a critical role in the journey to becoming the Everyday Bank. Explore the eight components comprising the new digital IT blueprint for banks.

Everyday Bank Finance & Risk: F&R in a Digital World

Achieving the status of Everyday Bank requires a new direction for Finance and Risk (F&R). This report suggests six areas executives should examine now to remake F&R into a competitive asset.

Everyday Bank: Making the
‘What If,’ ‘What Is’

Becoming an Everyday Bank can help extend your relationship with customers and make ‘what if’ become ‘what is.’

Immediate payments: Seizing the Customer Opportunity

As banks across the world strive to become ‘Everyday Banks’ with a central role in their customers’ digital lives, it’s increasingly clear that offering immediate payments capabilities to customers will be critical for seizing this opportunity.

Cards Innovation: Card Issuing and Merchant Acquiring in the era of Everyday Payments

Today’s banks and payments service providers have the opportunity to become central to their customers’ lifestyle purchases, in the same way that social media and providers like Amazon have become central to retail purchases. Or they can remain on the periphery, strictly limited to handling financing and fund transfers.

Mortgage lending within the Everyday Bank

The Everyday Bank is a strategic vision for how banks can extend their reach into the value chain, including shifting mortgage financing—the largest experience customers are likely to have with their bank—from a one-time event into a long-term borrower relationship.

By becoming Everyday Banks, retail banks can transform their relationships with customers—and drive new business outcomes

There is no turning back from the digital revolution. With a broader value proposition, retail banks can stop being disrupted, and start becoming disruptors.

More on the 'Digital Bank'

2014 North America Consumer Payments Survey

The results of Accenture's new Consumer Payments Survey for 2014 explore the future of the payments through consumers’ eyes—and the results are eye opening.

The Four Keys to Digital Trust: Don’t Be Left Behind

In today’s world, people and businesses are increasingly connected through digital technologies that offer them new ways to work, interact and transact.

Merchant Acquirers: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Accenture’s approach to helping merchant acquirers face the challenges of a digital age includes building a strategy, designing a target operating model and defining business cases for transformation.

Legacy Payment Infrastructure: Dinosaurs in the Digital World

While legacy payment systems have served payments companies well, such systems are nearing extinction. What does it take to modernize to lower costs, increase agility and improve speed to market?

Moving Beyond Listening and Monitoring: Social Media Marketing for Financial Services

With advances in optimization tools, analytics and software, social media is now much more of a science than an art.

International Landscape of Innovation in Payments

Innovation is transforming the payments industry globally. Be it small companies, banks, card companies, payment service providers (PSPs) or nonfinancial institutions such as retailers, all are innovating to stay competitive.

Leveraging digital technologies to build trusting and lasting relationships with customers.

Organizations trying to engage customers have invested millions of dollars in the latest tools and practices without realizing the increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty they expected.

A New Era in Banking: Landscape After the Battle

Learn more about this new book that identifies the main drivers of change at the heart of today's wholesale transformation of the financial services industry.

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The Everyday Bank, learn how digital is revolutionizing banking and the customer ecosystem.
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