Accenture Cloud Platform – Complexity Made Simple

The smartest companies are integrating and managing a hybrid IT environment through automated, self-service, standardized cloud capabilities. Accenture can help you achieve the speed to market, governance and control needed to sustain growth and propel your business toward a digital future.

Enabling Digital Business

Accenture Cloud Infrastructure Services

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Solutions to Power Your Business

Integrate and

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Infrastructure Services

Reduce costs and increase flexibility with a spectrum of cloud vendors. Access a highly scalable, reliable, secure and managed infrastructure.

Design and Develop

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Development Services

Standardized tools and open-source technologies accelerate software development. Lower costs and innovate faster with the flexibility to adapt to different platforms.

Manage the Enterprise

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ERP Services

Reduce setup, provisioning and testing time while maintaining consistent standards for SAP systems integration projects.

Accenture is Amplifying Digital Business

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You can accelerate your venture into big data, analytics, social media and mobility.
The best of the cloud powered to make the most of digital.

  • Improved results to existing IT functions
  • Enabling new technology platforms
  • Creating value-added solutions
  • Underpins digital business services

Read more Accenture's digital business offerings underpinned by the Accenture Cloud Platform and how Accenture Cloud Platform is winning praise with clients enabling their new business growth.


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Hybrid IT environment and cloud broker services—Accenture 
Accenture helps businesses develop hybrid cloud platforms in an automated, self-service, standardized IT environment.
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