Vertical Industry Solutions

Collaboration Solutions: Pervasive collaboration between your organization and your entire ecosystem

Accenture & Cisco Business Group can help your organization integrate unified communications and collaboration tools into industry-specific business processes and applications. Our solutions can make collaboration pervasive between your organization and other companies in your ecosystem, driving productivity and unlocking workforce potential—from the boardroom to any room.

Our Collaboration Solutions include:

Collaboration for Front-Office Banking

We work with banking clients to improve sales closure and cross-selling effectiveness by creating a personalized multi-channel experience and leveraging virtual experts via web and video conferencing.

Collaboration for Front-Office Insurance

We assist clients in the insurance industry in incorporating a personalized multi-channel experience, including web and video conferencing with experts, to increase sales closure rates and improve cross-selling effectiveness.

Collaboration for Insurance Claims

Our team helps clients in the property and casualty industry to improve the claims process, reduce costs and better retain customers via effective collaboration and communication internally and with third-party advisors.

Collaboration for Healthcare

Our solution can help improve the healthcare process by reducing time to serve, improving patient care and providing easier communications across multiple channels.

Collaboration for Lean Retail

Our solution deploys the latest advancements in retail, networking and data center technologies to deliver a streamlined, comprehensive approach to retail business transformation to significantly reduce total cost of ownership and enable business agility.


Download our Collaboration Solutions brochure [PDF, 212KB]

Smart Solutions: Highly efficient and intelligent networks to improve performance and reduce risk

Accenture & Cisco Business Group offers a portfolio of Smart Solutions to provide reliable, efficient and sustainable infrastructures—optimized to reduce costs today while providing a platform for the innovations of tomorrow.

Our smart solutions employ Cisco’s innovative technologies that use advanced data analytics to help your enterprise enable new energy-conserving initiatives, plan for secure networks, improve the performance of mission-critical applications, improve business processes through wireless technologies and enhance resource utilization through energy management services.

Our Smart Solutions include:

Smart Energy/Smart Grid

We offer utility clients and energy consumers a suite of complementary assets and services to design, build and operate the smart grid infrastructures that form the secure central nervous system of the modern utility. Our capabilities include end-to-end network communications, network management, network operations center support, cyber security and energy management.

We offer a portfolio of Smart Solutions to provide reliable, efficient and sustainable infrastructures—optimized to reduce costs today while providing a platform for the innovations of tomorrow.

Smart Environments

We work with clients to provide a safety and location-based services solution that leverages Cisco’s unified wireless and location-based services to track workers and detect gases in hazardous environments for real-time alarming, as well as innovative tracking solutions. For example, Accenture worked with Marathon Oil to develop a unique product that helps keep workers safe. Find out more about the Accenture Life Safety Solution.


Download our Smart Solutions brochure [PDF, 212KB]

Learn how and why Accenture developed the Accenture Life Safety Solution for Marathon Oil.


Vertical Industry Solutions 
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