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Accenture has a talented and highly productive team of people from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds. Meet some of our high performers who are changing the way the world works and lives.
Bashi Gaetsaloe—Country Manager, Accenture Botswana
Accenture has a growing presence in Botswana and indeed the whole of Southern Africa. And leaders like Bashi Gaetsaloe—even-headed people with a broad, clear vision of how business can contribute on the African continent and beyond—are energizing growth and innovation.
Genovefa Selotlegeng—Consultant, Financial Services Operating Group
Botswana can play a role in helping to grow Accenture's business across Africa—that's the belief of Genovefa Selotlegeng. After training overseas, she returned to her home country to make a contribution to its economy and development, seeing Accenture as one of the catalysts for that growth. As her role in Accenture has grown, so has her belief in the role the company can play locally and continentally. "Botswana is playing a more and more significant role in Accenture, and can be a blueprint for new offices as we open them," she predicts.
Tefo Noke first heard about Accenture while completing his master's degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. On a trip home on vacation, he then discovered that Accenture was opening an office in his home country, Botswana. So with a master of engineering under his belt, he soon landed his first job at Accenture in Botswana and was immediately assigned to an SAP project.
While Atang Motshabi has an open and positive attitude about what the future has in store, right now she is exactly where she wants to be. As an analyst on the Accenture SAP Finance team in Botswana, she has all the learning opportunities and challenges that she has ever dreamt of. Her work at Accenture, in the Systems Implementation & Technology growth platform, allows her to help organizations in Botswana become high-performance businesses and government agencies. At the same time Motshabi is able to use her knowledge to further Accenture's goal of imbuing local people with marketable skills.
Belinda Sorinyane readily integrates the open and timeless spirit of Africa with Accenture's global drive to help its clients become high-performance businesses and governments. She says Accenture's open-door policy actually epitomizes the ease with which local people have always interacted, shared valuable information and supported one another.
It is in smaller countries like Botswana that the advantages of being part of a globally integrated company can be most noticeable. Thabo Matthews, senior manager-Financial Services, says his Accenture position allows him to operate seamlessly from both Botswana and South Africa, which suits him down to the ground since he has family in both countries. More than that, he has the whole of Accenture behind him as he helps his clients in both countries become high-performance businesses and government agencies.
Katlego Selemogwe is quite unequivocally a person who enjoys being in a support position. She says serving the needs of others is what makes her happy, and her enthusiasm about her present position as executive assistant to Botswana's country managing director bears this out.

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People Profiles–Accenture Botswana 
Read our people profiles of Accenture Botswana's talented and highly productive team of high performers.
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