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Theme: Mothers returning to work

Taking a sabbatical is a tough call for many of us. But getting back to work is even tougher. This month we delve deeper into this issue. We meet up with Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder of TeamLease, who shares her sense of frustration because the number of women getting back to work is not large enough to bring the necessary traction to drive change. We also meet up with Kala Venkatesh who successfully got back from motherhood to build a successful career. We look at how students are opting for a gap year before plunging back into studies and also ponder over how a break taken can be useful to get back to studies. Share your own thoughts and experiences with us. It might just make a difference to other members of Vaahini.

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Vaahini - A Network to Empower Women 
Vaahini - A Network to Empower Women
Vaahini - A Network to Empower Women
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