The Sustainable Organization:

The Chief Strategy Officer's Perspective

Chief strategy officers often play a crucial role in sustainability today. First, at their best, they help to challenge their chief executive officers and corporate boards to incorporate sustainability issues into the overall vision and goals of an organization. Beyond that, they are the primary architects of a viable roadmap for achieving those goals over the short, medium and long term.

Chief Strategy Officer's Perspectives

This report highlights why and how strategy professionals are embedding sustainability issues into their mainstream corporate and business strategies, rather than as a standalone addition. It outlines the key aspects of that process and highlights some of the ways in which sustainability is impacting the role of strategy. Some of the questions it seeks to answer are:

  • What is the role of the chief strategy officer, and how does sustainability impact this?
  • How are sustainability-related trends reshaping supply, demand and regulation, and where do they need to be incorporated into the long- and medium-term strategic outlook and corporate roadmap?
  • How does the current and future actions of competitive rivals affect planning, and what implications does sustainability hold for competitive positioning overall?
  • What opportunities are there for chief strategy officers to tap into new business opportunities and sources of value creation for their organizations?
  • What are the key questions that leaders need to consider when assessing the risks and opportunities of sustainability within corporate strategy?

This report assesses all of these questions, providing specific insights and recommendations for the development of the organization’s strategy. Once the board signs off the strategy, implementation becomes the core focus. Here, each major part of the business has to adapt the strategy roadmap into their daily, weekly and monthly tactical planning. The next report in this series explores the first of these specific functions in greater depth: the chief procurement officer. Please visit again for more leaders’ insights.

Questions and Answers

From a strategy perspective, cities demand much longer-term thinking than most organizations, but also face far deeper organizational silos when it comes to implementation, with water, energy, transport and other systems all running independently. To gain insights into how cities deal with such challenges, Accenture spoke with Masato Nobutoki, the Director General responsible for setting out climate change policy and strategy at the City of Yokohama.

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Chief strategy officers must take a long-term view when it comes to integrating sustainability into their plans. Accenture explores the practices of leading companies to suggest suitable course of action. Read the article and then share your views.
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