Technology: Driving a New Era of Sustainability

Technology is often regarded as holding the key to driving a new era of sustainability. However, many new technologies attract controversy because they require trade-offs, time to scale or long deployment times. Join experts on the cutting-edge of design and development as they go beyond the controversy to showcase dynamic technology programs focused on clean energy, resource efficiency and value creation.

Broadcast from Berlin

Thomas Ramge
Thomas Ramge Journalist, author
brand eins and The Economist
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Helge Janzon
Helge Janzon Senior Manager
Daimler AG
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Barbara Kux
Barbara Kux Chief Sustainability Officer
Siemens AG
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Astrid Zwick
Astrid ZwickHead of Strategy and Corporate Responsibility
Munich Re Group
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Sander van’t Noordende
Sander van’t NoordendeGroup Chief Executive
Management Consulting
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Join the sustainability conversation and have your say. Debate the issues that are shaping the sustainability agenda.
Technology: Driving A New Era Of Sustainability 
Technology: Driving A New Era Of Sustainability
Technology: Driving A New Era Of Sustainability
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