Harmonious Urbanization: Intelligent Cities

Senior executives from across Asia will explore different models of urban development for creating cities that are livable, sustainable and attractive to ongoing development. Drawing on experiences from across the region, the panel will explore the different business, technology and governance models for harmonious urbanization. Join us as they provide insight into what makes these models successful, and how they can be translated across Asia and worldwide.

Cecilia Chua
Cecilia ChuaDirector, Accenture Management
Consulting Innovation Center
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Mr Cheng Hsing Yao
Mr Cheng Hsing YaoDeputy Executive Director
Center for Liveable Cities
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Yoshimitsu Kaji
Yoshimitsu KajiDirector of Global Communications Strategy
Japanese Prime Minister’s Office
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Philip Ong
Philip OngDeputy CEO
National Research Foundation
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Conor Riffle
Conor RiffleHead of CDP Cities
Carbon Disclosure Project
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Annie Xu
Annie XuSenior Vice President
Global Smart Cities
Schneider Electric
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Peter Lacy
Peter LacyManaging Director - Sustainability Services
Asia Pacific
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Join the sustainability conversation and have your say. Debate the issues that are shaping the sustainability agenda.
Harmonious Urbanization Intelligent Cities 
Harmonious Urbanization Intelligent Cities
Harmonious Urbanization Intelligent Cities
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