Future Leaders: Learning for Tomorrow

How can we ensure that our next generation of leaders, whether in business, government or broader society, are engaged and committed to a sustainable future? In particular, how can we foster leadership amongst middle and front-line managers as the real delivery agents of sustainability goals? Join the panel as they reflect on these questions, and what this means for the future of business.

Broadcast from London

Nina Anderson
Nina AndersonPresenter
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Ángel Cabrera
Ángel CabreraPresident-elect
George Mason University
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Sue Ells
Sue EllsDirector Transformation & Change
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David Jones
David JonesGlobal Chief Executive Officer
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Adam Werbach
Adam WerbachChief Sustainability Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi
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Justin Keeble
Justin KeebleSenior Executive
Accenture Sustainability Services
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Join the sustainability conversation and have your say. Debate the issues that are shaping the sustainability agenda.
Future Leaders: Learning For Tomorrow  
Future Leaders: Learning For Tomorrow
Future Leaders: Learning For Tomorrow
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