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Is Print Dead Yet?

Issue 7 - November 2012

According to an expert, 101 new magazine titles hit the newsstands in September, on top of 67 new titles in August and 52 in July. This suggests print is still going strong, even in the midst of a digital revolution. However, as Accenture points out, it's not the medium that matters—it's the quality of the content that will decide its longevity.

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Continued Sluggishness Leads to Procurement Opportunities in Promotional Print

Issue 6 - July 2012

The print market continues to suffer from negative growth due to the continued shift towards digital media. On a positive note, this presents an opportunity for procurement savings, and we are encouraging buyers to monitor contract clauses related to raw materials and to actively drive cost savings initiatives through their key suppliers.

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Decoupling production from creative agencies

Issue 5 - April 2012

A hot topic for discussion is the Pay-For-Performance, a concept by which a creative agency agrees to a lower 'base pay' in exchange for the opportunity to earn results driven incremental compensation. For example, many of our customers are nearly doubling their procurement savings by using a third party to handle production for all of their creative agencies, allowing for economies of scale, increased efficiencies, and higher overall quality in maintaining brand messaging.

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Growth in digital coupons soars

Issue 4 - January 2012

In the US alone, digital coupons have shown a 41 percent year-on-year growth versus a 7 percent growth in newspaper coupons. Driving the overall use of coupons is the weak economic outlook. Accenture says coupons are an inexpensive and highly measurable marketing tool that benefits the customer and the marketer in establishing brand awareness.

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Mobile Marketing set to soar

Issue 3 - September 2011

Companies are increasingly embracing mobile marketing as one of the most flexible, cost effective and long-reaching marketing channels, with mobile advertising spend set to grow to over $20.6bn by 2015. Search and maps are expected to deliver the highest revenue, and video/audio ads the fastest growth, according to Garner.

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Moving beyond in-store marketing

Issue 2 - June 2011

With Google officially processing over one billion searches daily, the sheer volume of searches occurring daily is too significant to ignore. Without a sound search marketing optimization and marketing strategy, advertisers may risk falling behind the curve and turning their back on an opportunity that is expected to only increase in size.

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Mobile and Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Issue 1 - March 2011

Mobile and Online Marketing could potentially become one of the most effective and used means for increasing a company’s sales as well as providing greater access to consumers through social media sites. The trend is moving a greater amount of spend to these areas versus traditional marketing. A key success factor will be how organizations effectively manage this emerging space.

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