• The Report

    The Accenture 2013 Global Risk Management Study finds nearly all surveyed firms give higher priority to risk management now than two years ago. But there is still much room for improvement. There are large gaps between expectations of the risk function’s role in meeting broader goals and its perceived performance.

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  • Risk Mastery

    Risk Masters comprise 8 percent of survey participants and have particularly well developed risk capabilities. They are more likely to have a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) in charge of risk, and their risk owners report more regularly to their boards on risk issues. They also have higher expectations for the risk function’s role.

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  • Industry Research

    Different industries have different goals and emphases in risk management. The report looks at organizations in eight major industries, grouped into five key sectors: Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Public Service – Postal & Administration, and Healthcare & Life Sciences. In-depth reports are available for each sector.

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  • Geography

    The way organizations look at risk – and how they structure themselves to manage risk – can vary considerably from region to region. The Accenture 2013 Global Risk Management Study provides insight and information into similarities and differences in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

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  • Infographics

    View the infographics highlighting the key findings of the 2013 Global Risk Management Research. Compare how industries are responding to new pressure and continuing uncertainty.

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About Risk Management Study 2013

The Accenture 2013 Global Risk Management Study examines the perspectives and concerns of executives at nearly 450 companies in eight industry groups and in three major geographic regions.

The 2013 Global Risk Management Study is the third in a series. The first study was undertaken in 2009 and a second study was released in 2011. The report explores not only current trends in risk management but the challenges that lie ahead, and how organizations are planning (and investing) to meet these challenges. The Risk Management Study also looks at how Risk Masters apply risk management capabilities to achieve competitive advantage.

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Welcome from Steve Culp

To learn more about the 2013 Global Risk Management Study and the insights available on our microsite, watch Steve Culp, Global Managing Director, Accenture Risk Management.

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Learn more about the expectations of the risk management function’s role in meeting goals and its perceived performance by dynamically filtering the research data according to country, industry and company size.

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Meet the team behind the 2013 Global Risk Management Research program.

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Accenture’s 2013 risk management research explores current trends and challenges in risk management, and how organizations can address these challenges.
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