Consumer Research Survey

Accenture conducted an online survey in November 2013 of 15,000 adult consumers in 20 countries: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea.

Retailer Capability Assessment

Accenture conducted a capabilities assessment across seven industry segments: Apparel & Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Department Stores, Discount/Mass Merchants, Grocery, Drug Stores and Home Improvement.

We measured retailers based on their abilities to provide: Consistent Experience, Connected Shopping, Customer Loyalty Programs, Integrated Merchandizing, Flexible Fulfillment/Returns, Personalized Interaction, and a Better, Faster and Memorable Customer Experience.

Seamless Retailing Research Study 2014 - Accenture 
Accenture surveyed over 15,000 consumers in 20 countries about their retail experiences. 120+ retailers were also assessed on their seamless capabilities.How Seamless are You?
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