Training and Development

Accenture trains its people to become high performers at work and at life. We help graduates learn and imbibe various skills beyond their degree by providing opportunities for higher education in management and other professional courses. At Accenture, we guide graduates through every step of their career post graduation and help them achieve their goals beyond their degree in order to deliver high performance.

What training will I receive?

Our people are our most important asset and we invest considerable resources to provide on-going training that builds and extends to professional, technical and management skills in all areas.

In 2010 we invested approximately US$600 million in training and professional development and provided 67 hours per employee in educating our people. Staff at Accenture also have the opportunity to learn from and be coached by the best in the business - supportive leaders and colleagues who can pass on their industry, technical and functional expertise.

Training is conducted in a variety of ways at Accenture, from classrooms to the web, both locally, globally, digitally and in person.

All our new recruits attend New Joiner Orientation when they first arrive, which gives them the essential knowledge they need to launch their Accenture career. This program serves as an introduction to our global network even though it is conducted close to our people's home locations. This is just the first component of training we give to our people.

However, learning doesn't stop when you walk out of the classroom. Our global learning portal, myLearning, directs our people to over 20,000 virtual classroom courses, and other learning resources, to meet almost any business need. Our people also learn while they are on the job by using the Knowledge Exchange, our vast online encyclopedia. This means our people are learning every minute of every day of their Accenture career.

All of this takes place in an environment that enables you to collaborate with people and draw from expertise around the world.

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Training and development in Consulting

Our employees are challenged early in their careers to develop the critical business skills required to succeed either in consulting or in another career path. However, it does not stop there. Accenture invested more than $600 million in training in 2010.

There is a suite of offerings which is available to the employees who are a part of the Consulting Workforce.

At a global level, Consulting Core Schools which are at the centre of the Consulting curriculum are examples of our employees experiencing the Accenture learning experience. In addition to this, Accenture offers you ways to help you build deep skills in your specific functions and industries. We provide you with formal training opportunities to collaborate with others, and on-the-job experiences that will get you there.

MC University with its different elements like MC University Online, MC University on-the-go (pod casts) etc. helps build specialisation in various tracks. Sessions like Strategy Core Skill Builder sessions are available to all employees and so are the Learn-Local sessions (meant to be informal learning sessions) on various skills required for management consulting.

At a local level, our spotlight offering is The Management Consulting India Curriculum (a consortium of home grown offerings targeted at building skills relevant in the consulting space). In line with our philosophy of rewarding high performance, we have the Industry Certifications Program (a program designed for high-performers, as a part of which the company sponsors market relevant industry specific certifications for high performing employees) and the MBA

Sponsorship Program (a program for high performers under which Accenture sponsors an MBA for the employees at a leading business school). These initiatives cater to the specific training needs of the consulting professionals in India in addition to the global learning opportunities described above.

That's not where the opportunities end. We have fully equipped and functional libraries with books for people to refer to at various office locations. Emerging learning media/online knowledge exchange forums like Strategy pod casts, blogs and more are leveraged as well to meet the learning needs of the fast paced consulting professional.

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Training and development in Solutions

Learning and development is a key element of our employee value proposition. At Accenture, learning is not a time-bound means to a short-term end. It is rather a holistic way of life. You will develop capabilities through on-the-job work experience, formalised classroom-based training, self-initiated study and interaction with specialists. The programmes are aimed at enhancing your skills and equipping you with business, technical and behavioural competencies needed to perform your role effectively.

High performance is our promise to clients and at its core is our impetus for continuous learning. To enable this learning, we provide an environment that encourages each employee to learn, teach and share knowledge with his or her colleagues.

Continuous learning
We recognise the need to enhance the capabilities of our employees continually and build on their experience. Employees undergo training and development activities throughout their time at Accenture. We are committed to providing training to deliver superior solutions, whether in advanced systems development programme management, emerging or established technologies, or professional skills. Accenture's proven experience as the leading provider of innovative technology solutions provides a great environment for honing employee skills.

To support a continuous learning environment and enable you to integrate better with the global Technology workforce, we offer a global training curriculum that has three key areas:

  • Application Delivery Training. You will be trained on the Accenture Delivery Suite, which is Accenture's project experience crystallised into simple, easy-to-use delivery methods, tools and architectures
  • Technology Speciality Training. This training supports building the deep, specialised technology and delivery excellence skills required to deliver technology solutions. This technology training is tailored to your career level and technology skills
  • Professional Development Training. This training supports the development of the interpersonal, professional, cross-cultural, management and leadership skills required to succeed across various projects and roles. Taking our culture of employee engagement to a formalised level are the Accenture Core Seminars. These annual events provide a platform for Accenture's executive leadership to engage with future leaders of the company. As part of learning and development, employees also have access to career counselling, "Leadership Connect" and town halls for mentoring, coaching, sharing knowledge and networking

Accenture MyLearning
The myLearning internal website is available to all Accenture employees. From classrooms to virtual sessions and self-paced computer courses, our employees can enroll in any of the more than 20,000 courses at the click of a button. The website enables employees to access a wealth of information and create their own curriculum and development plans. The strong e-learning strategy constitutes the very foundation of the learning environment at Accenture and is the starting point in our employees' journey to growth and development.

Communities of Practice
Innovation is central to Accenture, and we have applied this principle to our learning initiatives. We have built strong communities of practice in both industry and technology domains. Specialists in particular technologies or industries share their knowledge and experience with colleagues within the company. This unique knowledge-sharing platform not only helps in honing the skills of individual employees but also creates valuable assets for the company.

Higher education programme Employees (Senior Software Engineers to Manager career levels) can continue their education through our continuous learning initiative. Accenture sponsors Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in various institutes. The Educational Sponsorship Programme demonstrates our commitment to the professional and personal development of our employees, giving them the opportunity to pursue part-time Master of Business Administration courses at the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) and Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI).

As part of our efforts to make the best talent available to the client, we encourage and support certification programmes across technologies. In fact, to facilitate many of the certification programs, we are associated with premier institutes. For example, through the Accenture Solutions Delivery Academy set up in association with the Professional Education Program's office of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we offer our employees international certification as application developers and/or application designers.

In a similar tie-up, Accenture has teamed with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, to pioneer the Accenture Management Development Academy.

Being part of Accenture is as much a learning experience as it is rewarding. Each employee has a growth and development plan that is commensurate with the growth and vision of the company. To support our sustained growth charter, we have built a culture with a strong foundation of learning, teaching and nurturing that is continuous and holistic. In short, at Accenture, the learning never stops!

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Training and development in Services

Our people are our most important asset and we invest considerable resources to provide ongoing training that builds and extends professional, technical and management skills in all areas. We do, however, expect you to take responsibility for your own career development, supported by innovative programmes and tools designed to meet your individual needs.

The Accenture Delivery Centre Network for BPO in India prides itself in providing a high-growth learning environment. Development opportunities begin with induction and pre-process training, which is conducted in-house for all new hires. However, learning is an ongoing process and takes place across teams, through team meetings and reviews and by identifying and adopting best practices. At every level, we encourage people to learn and acquire new skills, both on-the-job and through formal assignments conducted online or in the classroom.

Training curriculum
The Outsourcing curriculum has been developed to support Accenture's strategic goals. One of these goals is ensuring that training enables our people to develop the skills they need to best support our clients, helping Accenture and our clients to achieve high performance. The curriculum is delivered through a premier professional education programme dedicated to building leaders and a differentiated workforce.

  • Core skills: Training applicable across the workforce
    This curriculum includes skills development that is linked to Accenture's overall business strategy and reinforces our culture and values including the global nature of our organisation. It includes imparting skills related to the outsourcing industry that are aligned with Accenture's outsourcing strategy
  • Professional skills: Training to nurture professional skills
    This curriculum includes skills development for professional skills, such as leadership, ethics, project and programme management, value, inclusion, quality and sales. This also includes certification programs such as Accenture Management Development Academy (AMDA), providing individuals with continuous skill enhancement opportunities
  • Workgroup and role skills: Training to provide deep skills in workgroup disciplines
    Functional and technical skill development includes deep skills development for domestic knowledge. This incorporates offerings that are specific to a role or a speciality area across a workgroup
  • Job-readiness skills: Training to prepare for a specific assignment or task
    This type of training helps provide knowledge and skills for specific assignments or tasks
  • Community learning: Training that reinforces core content from our leadership model
    These are local efforts to reinforce Accenture core values and leadership principles

Higher education programme: Allows employees to study and work at the same time
Accenture has linked up with premier educational institutes, namely Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Indian School of Business (ISB) to offer programmes in management, insurance, finance and accounts.

Accenture myLearning: An Internet-based training portal
The myLearning website brings Accenture's learning resources-electronic and traditional classroom learning, as well as products offered from outside vendors-onto one website. It is personalised, so that when users access myLearning, they are presented with a relevant and customised curriculum of recommended courses and resources. People are able to learn at their own pace, acquire knowledge specific to a project or client and access more than 20,000 courses. They can monitor their own progress and create their own curriculum and development plan.

The myLearning website also gives employees access to a broad network of colleagues around the world that can mentor and coach them. The sheer variety of work we do, and the experience it offers, provides an unbeatable platform from which to build a career.

Training & Development  
Variety. Learning. Teamwork. Growth. Joining Accenture translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do. Challenge yourself with interesting work focused on delivering innovation and proven solutions. Our employees come together with a wide variety of consulting, technology and outsourcing skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers. We help clients become high-performance businesses.
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