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The Accenture Financial Services Innovation Center in Chicago uses interactive workshops, real world examples, and technology demonstrations to foster thought provoking discussion on what it means to be a customer-centric financial institution.






Why Innovation Matters

Today's financial institutions face the triple threat of more demanding customers, declining loyalty and growing competition from nontraditional service providers. At Accenture, we believe the key to sustainable growth and long–term profitability in this environment lies in adopting a consumer driven approach to business. That means not only identifying and addressing the needs of individual clients, but also anticipating and exceeding their expectations.

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For information about the Accenture Financial Services Innovation Center, or to discuss a potential workshop, send us an e-mail.

  • "[The] day…was a huge contributor to accelerating alignment of my team on key requirements."
  • "These sessions have been so effective that I think the next opportunity to leverage [your expertise] is to bring in 6–7 of our most important customers."
  • "I think that one of the key success factors for the workshop was your ability, as a team, to understand our value proposition, mission and vision; and build a three-day event that was totally aligned with that. Besides, of course, all the knowledge and innovation you have certainly delivered during the workshop."
  • "An eye opener and very refreshing."
  • "I would like to express special thanks for today. The leading technology…captured our full attention and will certainly guide our thoughts on future developments. We particularly appreciated the quality of the presentation and the professionalism of the speakers, and would be pleased to work with Accenture again."
  • "Sincere thanks for a truly thought-provoking and interesting couple of days. I enjoyed the company and the conversation enormously. It was great to…have the opportunity for some strategic thinking and to start to considering opportunities for the way in which we could work together."
  • "I just want to reiterate our appreciation to you and your teams for a terrific session in Chicago last week. I continue to get great feedback on the value of this time together for our team. We could not have been nearly as successful without your partnership. Thank you for collaborating to create a tailored and meaningful experience that I hope was beneficial to you all as well."
  • "Bringing innovation to our clients and our brokers will be critical to us…my biggest fear [with our innovation lab] is we've moved into the traditional way of doing things. This [session] has been great…made me think a lot."
  • "The session has transformed [our] thinking about data, from how can we lower costs to how can we create an ideal customer experience. Additionally, how data can inform / quantify retention and cross-sell benefits."
  • "This has been great, very mind-expanding…fantastic combination of content and facilitation. You're giving us a lot to think about. We definitely want to come back and bring others with us."
Financial Services Innovation Center 
Financial Services Innovation Center
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