High Performance Finance Report

"Complexity" is a theme common to four of the top five issues finance executives face.

Results suggest it is possible to reduce finance budgets to the point where it impedes the development and maintenance of key finance capabilities.

According to 53 percent of respondents, regulation is the environmental factor seen as having the highest impact on the finance function.

Finance Masters are more likely to be focusing today on an even split between growth and cost control (39 percent, versus 26 percent of non-masters)

Finance masters are more aligned than non-masters with the enterprise’s growth agenda.

Organizations reporting the smallest finance budget also reported having less-sophisticated finance capabilities.

The percentage of finance executives in 2011 reporting advanced finance capabilities far exceeded the percentages reported in our 2008 study.

Delivering Value in a Complex World. This opens a new window.

Delivering Value in a Complex World: The Next Battleground for the Finance Organization


For the last 10 years, Accenture has been capturing insights and studying the concept of “high-performance finance” and our research continues to support the premise that finance does matter to an enterprise’s overall growth, competitiveness and ability to become a high-performance business.

Our latest research, which we conducted between January and August 2011, also sought to understand how the recent recession and accompanying “permanent volatility” of the global economy are shaping the finance agenda.

We encourage you to read further for practical information you can use in crafting strategy and tactics to move your finance organization forward.

Don Schulman
Don Schulman
Managing Director
Accenture Finance & Enterprise Performance

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Sponsored by Accenture, leading analysts at IDC discuss finance mastery and important trends for improving the Finance Organization.

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