Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub

The Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub is a thought leadership platform through which Accenture engages with a broad mix of industry experts and thought leaders to debate, develop, and publish research findings that enable Accenture clients and other stakeholders in Asia Pacific to understand key business challenges in the region.

We view thought leadership as a key enabler of business agility that is critical in ensuring that our clients can seize game-changing opportunities. We are committed to identifying critical business trends, and converting those to actionable insights, as well as strategic foresight for organizations embarking on the path to higher performance.

Our Differentiation

The Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub offerings focus on interpreting the key trends found within the markets, industries and organizations in Asia Pacific. Our research can also be integrated into business transformation projects or "breakthrough" workshops that help identify the key challenges, opportunities, and most importantly target outcomes for our clients.

The Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub differentiates itself specifically by:

  • Developing thought leadership for higher performance in the region by examining multi-polar world challenges and opportunities in Asia Pacific across different markets, industries and organizations. This may include preparing research studies for business breakthrough conversations on our clients' most pressing business issues and analyzing the industry landscape including competitors, offerings, new entrants and market trends.
  • Accelerating our clients' path to higher performance by developing strategic foresight that enables our clients to respond to future challenges and opportunities proactively. This may involve studying future customer needs, behaviours and expectations, developing economic scenario modeling for future performance, or developing case studies on innovations that will transcend the industry boundaries in the future.

Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub Offerings

  • Industry/Functional point of views based on Primary/Secondary Research
  • Client "Breakthrough" workshop research
  • Client Market Research (e.g., market sizing, white "space" opportunities)
  • Customer Surveys (e.g., needs, behaviours, satisfaction)
  • Regional Trends Research
  • Case Studies
  • Collaborative 3rd party Partner Research
  • Conference presentations/Roundtables

Our Research

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Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub 
Accenture Innovation Center Research Hub
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